Redington & Redington is a premier criminal defense law firm in Dallas, Texas. Redington & Redington places the needs of its criminal law clients first, gathering all pertinent details of a case in order to construct the best defense strategy against DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), theft, drug, sexual misconduct and other grave criminal charges. Redington & Redington has a history of vigorously defending the rights of citizens accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes at both the state and federal level.

Zach Redington places a priority on ensuring the best service for his clients, and focuses his practice solely on criminal defense law. Zach’s experience with a variety of criminal cases, judges, courts and legal personnel limits excess time and money other attorneys spend in legal research, negotiations, and strategy development.

Redington & Redington understands the stress that our clients experience when having been accused of a crime, so we offer clients 24-hour access and constant communication throughout each case. Zach helps his clients make the best decision for each specific situation, rather than implementing a “one size fits all” strategy. With this customized approach, Zach Redington acts as a true advocate for his clients, fully investing himself in garnering the best outcome in each and every representation.

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